The campaign came with real emotions because what we showed and said was simply true.

The task of creating this campaign was truly appreciated in our office – simply, because we loved its goal. We encouraged small business owners to use a ČSOB loan with no interest in the second half of repayment, and other services that paid off. All for one simple reason. To help the small businesses stay.   

We had no trouble engaging people on the topic. Over 7,500 small businesses closed down just the year before. On this particular campaign, we didn´t aim at selling any numbers or products. We wanted to show people ČSOB was on their side. The campaign explained very clearly: Your business does not have to leave like the other unfortunate ones. We are here to help you stay. And grow further. This central idea got very easily translated to the screen – and a product proposition was brought to life in a minute.

It´s a win for us creatives every time the brand allows us to transform the message into a simple visual solution.

The adverts were created without a single use of 3D animation and with incredible results: a double growth of loans in the given segment, with almost 1,000 new loans as an immediate response to the campaign, and an Art Directors Club award of 2015.

The campaign was further supported by on-line, OOH, radio, internal communication and POSM. It had a highly positive impact on the new entrepreneurs, also generating successful follow-up stories for the next communication stage.

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