All in the same boat with Birell







Despite being an undisputed leader of the non-alcoholic beer market, Birell certainly doesn’t lack challenger spirit, and perhaps that’s why our partnership has been so fruitful. “All in the same boat” marks the fourth year of our cooperation and introduces a new long-term platform for the brand’s mission to challenge stereotypes and prejudice - starting with one that’s still very pressing in our culture. 

Drinking non-alco in social situations is still often met with many preconceptions and even judgement. Birell’s ambition is to encourage people to be more open-minded and as a result, enjoy spending time together regardless of anyone’s choices. Yes, you can be a part of the group if you drink non-alco. No, it doesn’t mean you have a problem. Yes, you can have fun. Yes, you can also drink non-alco beer at work! And yes, it does taste as good as regular beer. 

“All in the same boat” is our sixth campaign for Birell, and we hope with each one, we’re one step closer to a more open-minded, accepting society.

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