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In our latest Albert Christmas campaign, we drew on the hugely successful one from 2018, continuing to spread our mission about the hand-made gifts that please the most. Only in this one, we decided to reach out the usual circle of giving and had our main character, the Little Rascal, secretly give out pieces of home-made ginger bread to people living in his neighbourhood.

By those four pieces of ginger bread, Albert demonstrates that hand-made presents not only give more joy, the main thing is they bring the community closer. Such gifts are thus perfect for reaching over to those who live close to us but whose presence we never really acknowledged so far.

And so we let our little hero steal some pieces of ginger bread from the kitchen and make a gesture to his neighbours. We simply created a story proving the most important thing: we are supposed to care about those who live around us, no matter what. And like this, our campaign became a great example of the fact that sometimes, things are not what they seem to be.

Kids are the embodiment of honesty. And what represents the spirit of Christmas better than getting close to those around us? We wanted to demonstrate this all in our spot. And we knew we should invite Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World to help us carry our message again.

The 2019 Christmas spot was directed by Jasmina Blaževič and was accompanied by adverts featuring four key elements from the film  – the four pieces of ginger bread that the Little Rascal secretly gave away, so everyone could be reminded of what it is all about – caring about our surroundings and connecting with them.

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