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The Czech chain of super and hypermarkets Albert has devoted itself to better quality of eating. This Christmas they also believe that good food should be present on every table in the country. That's why they are distributing a million meals before Holidays so that everyone in the Czech Republic can enjoy the true Christmas eve. On top of that, Albert is also organizing a food collection in all of its markets on 4th and 5th of December, so everyone can help those in need for a better holiday meal.

"Our communication is built around a simple notion that “To give is a magical feeling”. In Albert we know that the act of giving positively and greatly affects not just the one receiving the generosity, but also the one who gives.
We want all the Czechs to experience this magical feeling. No matter if by joining in our food collection, or by simply giving to someone in need by themselves. We believe our gift of a million meals is just a start
- a start of the generosity movement.”

said Kateřina Harris, Albert Marketing Director.

VCCP Prague prepared a set of spots to promote the gift of million portions, the food collections and also the more emotional call for generosity between people. These were shot by our long-term Albert Christmas director Jasmina Blaževič through Bistro Films production.

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