Better food is better for everyone







"It's worth to eat better"

We've been signing off all Albert communication in the last years. While our focus was on the quality of food and inspiring people to shake up their eating habits, this time we're writing a new chapter in the brand's long term strategy. "The food we eat has an effect beyond our personal experience. That's why in Albert we believe that better food should not only be delicious, but also healthier, environment-friendly, and should support local farmers and suppliers. Better food is better for everyone," Kateřina Harris, marketing VP of Albert, explains.

Opening this topic in the world which is becoming dazed by sustainability claims needed a fresh angle, that's why we decided to frame the whole message around kids and their curious questions. Executive Creative Director Dejan Štajnberger comments: "Kids have the amazing ability to ask questions we wouldn't have asked ourselves. They're not yet influenced by our ingrained patterns and can see things for what they really are, with naivety which can be incredibly valuable. Plus it's them who represents our future and will be most impacted by the consequences of what we eat today."

The new communication platform will become our next long term framework, offering a new reason why it's worth to eat better. We're proud to work with a retailer brave enough to build their communication on products important for our future, committing to this mission for the long term, throughout their future communication. 

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