Albert’s Menu of the Week inspires home cooking







Albert has long been committed to inspiring its customers to eat quality food. However, many households are now struggling with soaring costs of living. 

Magdalena Nováková, Brand Marketing Manager in Albert commented: "With Albert's Menu of the Week, we aim to help people to still treat themselves to meals that they would typically enjoy in a restaurant, without breaking the bank.” 

The initiative was born at VCCP and made possible thanks to a strong partnership with Albert. Luboš Jahoda, Business Director at VCCP, explains: “The cost of restaurant meals has increased significantly, but so have the bills for groceries, putting pressure on households to make tough choices. Albert's Menu of the Week was created in response to these circumstances. It’s a brilliant example of an insight-driven communication idea evolving into an integrated business initiative.” The ongoing series features TV ads providing home-cooking inspiration, recipes in the Albert magazine and corresponding deals in stores.

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