Albert makes this BBQ season as rich as ever







Czechs love their barbecue. From spring till autumn, rain or shine, anywhere, any time. You can hardly pass by a yard or a garden on the weekends without smelling the smoky aroma of getting together and sharing some delicious food. The problem of this season? The rising prices of food, threatening this national pastime. That’s why Albert again turns their focus to making the best quality food affordable to everyone.

Steaks, burgers, sausages, fish from certified sources, organic range of burgers, cheeses and veggies, or a special Piri Piri line of sous-vide ribs and more - a surprisingly wide range of the best options out there to satisfy every grilling enthusiast, regardless of their budget. Special weekly offers will not only make BBQ more accessible, but also encourage variety. No need to be rich to enjoy a grilling season as rich as ever.

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