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"Being a member of the jury during Czechitas gala evening was such a great experience! Imagine all the energy and hours students spent on projects and seeing happiness and relief when they finished their presentations was absolutely amazing, especially the delight of the winners! I wish them the best of luck in their dream job search."

Zdeněk Suda

On December 14 2023, a gala evening took place in Prague, during which the students of the three-month Digital academy web course organised by Czechitas (NGO) presented their final projects, which they mostly worked on in pairs. Ladies are educated in frontend development (from HTML, CSS, JavaScript to React just to name some technologies).

Specifically, we have been supporting these courses in various forms since the very beginning in 2020. One of the three judges was Zdeněk Suda, Senior Developer in Bernadette by VCCP. In the past, he had mentored or co-mentored the final projects in the previous five runs, so he had a wealth of experience from the other side. 

The best projects were awarded unicorns. All the students managed to defend their projects and successfully complete the course.

Big congratulations to them on this and wish them soon to find work in the IT field.

As part of the spring 2023 run of the Czechitas course, we also had a representative on the jury, in the person of Filip Staňek, Senior Designer.

The initiator of this alliance - Jan Louda, head of the production studio in Prague, sees the sense in cooperation with Czechitas. 'In more than 4 years, thanks to this, we have gained two great ladies-colleagues Marie Hrabovská and Nikola Kabátová. The team has developed, learned and improved precisely by mentoring and helping female students. This is a great symbiosis for both sides - Czechitas and Bernadette.', he concludes.