VCCP London wins two Campaign BIG Awards


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VCCP London has secured two prestigious Campaign Big Awards, highlighting our exceptional creativity in the competitive realm of UK advertising. The awards were given to Cadbury Dairy Milk’s “Garage” campaign in the category of 30 Second TV Ad and Müller Corner's “It could only be Müller Corner” in the Out of Home - Single category. The Campaign Big Awards returned to The Londoner for an evening dedicated to celebrating the brightest creative ideas coming out of UK adland.

Directed by acclaimed director Steve Rogers, “Garage” tells the story of a young woman working late at night in a petrol station. We see a customer pay for petrol plus a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar that he ‘accidentally’ leaves behind. When the girl reminds him that he has left it behind he smiles and walks away. We then hear an affectionate "love you Dad" over the PA across the petrol station, revealing their relationship to each other before he smiles at her and gets into his car. She smiles and her face lights up, showing how much it means to her. It's a small gesture from her father, but we see from her warm smile that it's made her night - in this we see the power of There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone - generosity in everyone and how this is demonstrated in small moments. The film beautifully captures the enduring care of parents for their grown-up child, emphasising the brand’s belief in the power of generosity and small but meaningful moments between loved ones. 

In the realm of Out of Home advertising, Müller Corner demonstrated the payoff of trusting in its branding with a minimalist execution. Inspired by the product’s recognisable split pot, the special build mimics the experience of tipping the topping into the yogurt by ingeniously bending the corner of the poster. The brand's logo discreetly occupies the corner of the billboard, allowing the product to speak for itself. The campaign aims to reignite nostalgic sentiments, placing a smile on every face and a Müller Corner yogurt back in every shopping basket. Complemented by other simple posters featuring extreme close-ups of Müller Corner, the campaign showcases the brand's commitment to effective and engaging communication. 

The Campaign Big Awards, an esteemed annual event, serves as a platform to honour remarkable achievements and groundbreaking campaigns in advertising, marketing and communication. With a legacy spanning years of recognizing industry trailblazers, the Awards offer a glimpse into the world where bold ideas, daring strategies, and bright talents are celebrated. The judging panel, comprised of leading creatives as well as students from Brixton Finishing School, played a crucial role in determining the winners. 

Heartfelt congratulations to those who were shortlisted and crowned as winners. A huge thank you is extended to the dedicated team at VCCP and our remarkable clients for their collective contributions to these campaigns.