VCCP CEO speaks to Bloomberg and BBC World News about the UK AI Safety Summit 2023


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The UK AI Safety Summit 

Michael Sugden, CEO of VCCPs Partnership and AI creative agency, faith, was interviewed by both Bloomberg and BBC World Service about the UK’s AI Safety Summit held on November 1st and 2nd, 2023. 

The Summit was hosted by UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire and brought together international governments, leading AI companies, civil society organisations and experts in research to consider the risks of AI.

During his interview for Bloomberg, Michael shared why he believes the Summit overlooked crucial aspects of the debate around AI, emphasising the importance of considering the positive opportunities presented by emerging technologies alongside topics such as risk and security. 

While the summit did offer some interesting insights into the world of AI and successfully brought together a diverse group of individuals, its sole focus on AI security overlooked some of the positive transformations and advancements that AI can bring. Michael highlighted that: “There has to be balance, think of the beneficial advantages of AI in medical diagnosis and the treatment of cancer; improving public services - which you can’t say aren’t important things”

How does AI impact the advertising industry?

When questioned about the impact of AI on productivity, Michael shared that, “AI is allowing us to create things we just couldn't do a few months ago and we really believe it's going to be an accelerator of human creativity.”

Addressing the ethical concerns prevalent in the AI landscape, Michael underscored VCCP’s commitment to four guiding principles for AI usage: “The first is to be transparent when AI is in use; be authentic and fact check any AI generated content; be compliant and adhere to the laws; and be ethical, only use AI for good”. 

How are we using AI?

During his interview with BBC World Service, Michael explained how AI has significantly impacted the way we work at VCCP: “More generally, AI tools are liberating our employees from the mundane and time consuming tasks and it allows our people and our teams to focus on much more meaningful and rewarding tasks.” 

We are using AI in many ways and we have recognised that the positives vastly outway the negatives Michael Sugden, CEO of VCCPs Partnership CEO and AI creative agency, faith