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Creative and marketing agencies are increasingly setting up specialized divisions to help brands take the growing gaming sector more seriously. Amid the ongoing talent crisis, however, how do they go about finding the best people for the job? The Drum takes a look as part of their Gaming Advertising Deep Dive.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the gaming has grown exponentially as people around the world sought friendship and community in the virtual world. Now, with excitement for the metaverse mounting, the phenomenon is only set to continue.

The popularity of the industry would suggest a competitive market with a constant flow of talent, but experts suggest that recruiters are struggling to keep up with gaming’s rapid growth. With bright talent needed now more than ever, how can agencies ensure they find the best people for the job?

When it comes to recruiting talent for burgeoning specialized agencies, Jonny Shaw at VCCP’s dedicated gaming proposition VCCP+ says it doesn’t need be as hard as it is. The chief executive tells The Drum: “There are many talented people with specialist gaming knowledge and expertise in the agency ecosystem, but their capability is rarely used as agencies systematically ignore the gaming space and therefore don’t organize around it.”

However, he believes agencies would be better placed if they sought out and identified the talent that is likely already scattered across their departments. “If you get your pitch and your story tight, it is then relatively straightforward to persuade that talent to consider putting gaming at the center of what they do,” he says.

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