Tune into exclusive easy life performance at The O2 in Fortnite Creative Today


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When the pandemic poses a challenge to live music venues like The O2, we look for creative solutions. We’ve partnered up with Island Records and Epic Games to create The O2 in Fortnite Creative, our latest fully integrated campaign to create a new interactive gaming and musical experience, by the UK’s top up-and-coming Leicester act, easy life. All from the comfort of your own home. This is the first time that The O2 has ever appeared in a video game. 

We didn’t just want to re-create a gig. We wanted to reimagine live music without limitations; a blueprint for the future of music performances. Although easy life’s headline tour of O2 Academy this coming November is already sold out, Fortnite Creative are giving fans an early chance to experience the UK’s top breakout band in action.

So, this week, users will get the chance to immerse themselves in a gig like no other, as the band virtually performs tracks from their debut album ‘life’s a beach.’ This fully rounded experience will transport you to six unique areas inspired by easy life themselves, for all to interact with, unlock, and collect in-game items. There will be hoverboards and underwater cinemas, while the band performs in the belly of a huge decaying whale. 

The performance starts Thursday, 24th June at 20:30 BST, and millions will be able to access and enjoy the gig with friends until 23:59 BST this Sunday, 27th June. 

When you can’t go to the gig, we’ll bring the gig to you. Experiencing innovative entertainment like never before.

You can watch the livestream here.