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These awards recognise and reward campaigns that demonstrate not only marketing excellence, but also bravery in their approach to a considerable challenge, pushing boundaries and making an impact either in business or society in general.

It's been a fantastic start to the awards season for VCCP, with an astonishing 10 shortlists at The Marketing Society Brave Awards.

Huge congratulations to the following teams: 

- Relationship Marketing for How Canon lost its market and found a community
Creative use of Media for How one killer stat led to the cheesiest chat-bot the internet has ever seen
Digital Marketing for How easyJet’s world-first set the bar sky-high for digital marketing innovation 
Enhancing the Customer Experience for How easyJet’s world-first delivered visual booking to The Instagram generation
Brand Communication (B2C) for How spoken word poetry helped Nationwide switch more current accounts than all of the banks combined
Transforming Corporate Culture for Why Nationwide asked the marketing industry to challenge hate together
Brand Revitalisation (B2C) for Breathing life into O2
Enhancing the Customer Experience for O2: an experience as individual as you are
Transforming Corporate Culture for PARENTS VS KIDS: How O2 and the NSPCC helped parents to be brave and talk to their kids about online safety
Scaling Up for There But Not There

You can see the full shortlists here.