SpeedyRock.FM speeds up the music if you over speed


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Excessive speeding behind the wheel causes one in every four traffic accident fatalities, resulting in over 4,500 deaths in the last decade.

Millions of people listen to RockFM every day from their cars, which is why RockFM (one of the most popular thematic radio stations in Spain, with nearly one million daily listeners) and Alejo Stivel, leader of the legendary group Tequila and presenter of the program "Música para Animales" on RockFM, had to do something about it.

The SpeedyRock.FM platform, conceived by the agency VCCP Spain, is born with the aim of raising awareness among drivers about the importance of respecting speed limits.

It is the first playlist that, when it detects that the maximum speed limit is exceeded, accelerates the tempo of the currently playing song and sends a message from Alejo Stivel, requesting the driver to ease off the accelerator pedal to continue enjoying the best Rock & Roll.

The developed platform uses a geolocation API that, upon acceptance of its use, accesses the smartphone's positioning and calculates the vehicle's speed. By using a temporal synchronization method such as SNTP, the song's beats accelerate proportionally to the vehicle's speed when the maximum speed limit is exceeded.

The playlist, available on SpeedyRock.FM (a web app available for iOS and Android), consists of Rock & Roll classics personally selected by Alejo Stivel.

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