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VCCP created the groundbreaking “1kWhat?” for EIT InnoEnergy

What is a kWh? What can you actually do with it?

Nowadays more and more people, companies and cities are becoming concerned about the energy transition. By using LED light bulbs, reducing our CO2 emissions or supporting renewable energy innovations we all are trying to achieve a brighter energy future. But there is a major issue that EIT InnoEnergy is determined to tackle: people don’t really understand energy.

To build a more sustainable future, Europeans should unite for the same cause: the energy transition. Understanding what a kWh is would be the first step to achieve this future that we all have in mind. Beto Nahmad, Executive Creative Director VCCP

EIT InnoEnergy exists to drive the transition towards more efficient, cleaner and sustainable energies. To do so, it is important that people better understand energy and become aware that the energy transition is not a distant thing for them and their day-to-day behavior has an impact on achieving this goal.

For this reason, as a key partner of EIT InnoEnergy, VCCP created 1kWhat?: a ground-breaking device to help people understand what energy is in an enjoyable and didactical way. In collaboration with the hybrid design studio EspadaySantaCruz, VCCP and EIT InnoEnergy introduced a device that visualizes how much energy our electrical appliances consume.

Users can understand how much is a kWh by plugging multiple appliances in 1kWhat? and start using them to automatically trigger a countdown of energy and a timer.

1kWhat? is a clever way to make energy use tangible. More than that, it generates the right surprises and questions about energy. Celine Jullien, Head of Citizen Engagement EIT InnoEnergy

Along with this unique device, VCCP launched three videos of how to use the device, all of which are targeted at the final consumer. These videos involve 3 different groups of people: kids, teenagers and adults, challenging them on what to do with 1kWh in their daily activities. Departing from the idea “the more we learn about energy today, the better decisions we will make tomorrow”, the videos were created to help people understand the impact of their daily actions in terms of energy, so they can make better decisions in the future. The right understanding of their energy consumption can clearly make a difference in their lives.

1kWhat? is targeted at decision makers who seek cutting-edge ways to train people on how to better understand and use energy.  It is a simple and a disruptive device to challenge teams of users and ask them to give feedback on what they are experiencing.

The use and creative exploration of technology enables us to solve problems, ask questions, and better understand the world around us. 1kWhat? is a good example of how to make visible and understandable the impact of our daily energy use. Espadaysantacruz Studio

Because the more we learn about energy today, the better decisions we will make tomorrow.

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