Without you, it’s just a road


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Today Honda Motor Europe Motorcycles, the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, is launching its latest campaign, Without you, it’s just a road as part of its mission to engage its demographic of current and non-bike riders to join and feel proud to be part of its rider community.


Through cross agency collaboration between VCCP Madrid and VCCP London, the new brand campaign builds on ‘The Power of Dreams’, focusing on the experience of the Honda bike rider and showcasing the fun that can be had from riding a Honda Bike, rather than the bike itself.


Placing the rider at the core of the campaign, the simple slogan was created to encourage fellowship and to engage the huge community of Honda Riders in Europe and show them that the motorcycle brand understands what is important to riding communities. That they can have fun, play and feel the adrenaline to the fullest at every moment and connect on the road. Without the community of riders, a road is just a road

At the heart of the campaign is a cinematic 120” film which follows a number of different bike riders on the road, riding through various landscapes and climates showing that the community is open to everyone. It celebrates the camaraderie of being a rider whether you are strangers or longtime companions.


The film depicts couples, friends and strangers riding the iconic Honda Motor Europe Motorcycles together and showcases the joy they feel on the road. The visually bold film begins with a voiceover stating “It’s just a road. One long empty road. When you choose to ride it you bring it to life”, highlighting the meaning riding can have. The music creates a relaxing experience, which accompanied with the voiceover, takes the audience on an emotive journey.

We know that riding communities are very important to riders and we want to offer them a way to connect as they are the heart of our brand. We are proud of this campaign and the messages it conveys. There is a bike for everyone and you can find the right community for you. Nick Bennett, European Brand Marketing Section Manager at Honda Motor Europe Motorcycles