The FrigoVAR World Cup


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Fagor Electrodoméstico presents with VCCP its latest action in social networks, the FrigoVar surveillance system

With the arrival of the World Cup, Fagor Electrodoméstico presents FrigoVar.


It is a surveillance system consisting of a refrigerator and a video surveillance camera that can be placed anywhere and is automatically activated every time the refrigerator is opened, sending a notification to the owner's cell phone to see who is accessing it live.


With this VAR-inspired technology, soccer fans will have the peace of mind of being able to watch the national team's matches during the World Cup while being in full control of their beers.


The action video invites Fagor Electrodoméstico followers on social networks to participate in a promotion to win the first refrigerator inspired by VAR technology.

Fagor Electrodoméstico endorses the values of effort and joy of the World Cup and once again reinforces its link with sport and with fans, to whom it once again offers real and practical solutions; in this campaign, a solution inspired by VAR technology, so that consumers can enjoy their home and the best moments with friends and family Marta Lucas, Marketing Manager of Fagor Electrodoméstico
For us it is a pleasure to work with Fagor Electrodoméstico. It is a brand that is always on the side of the people. In this campaign we want to bring people closer, with a smile, to the world of soccer Beto Nahmad, Executive Creative Director of VCCP Spain