Worten gives away “Black Cards for everyone” this Black Friday, by the hand of Little Nicolás


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As every year, Black Friday arrives and all the brands in the sector launch their promotional campaigns, which makes it more difficult to stand out in an increasingly saturated market.

To achieve this, Worten has established itself for yet another year as a brand that is committed to differential formats with a campaign that will not leave anyone indifferent. This year he has given his creativity a further twist and has devised an original campaign by the creative agency VCCP Spain.

In order to meet the objective of facilitating access to technology for people, this Black Friday Worten has opted for the democratization of an element that once benefited only a few: the controversial Black Cards.

And who better than Francisco Nicolás Gómez (Little Nicolás) to star in the campaign? From Worten they comment: “We needed to sneak in there, that's why we allied ourselves with the master in sneaking in: Francisco Nicolás, also known as Little Nicolás. A character with connections in all spheres, a close friend of many of those who enjoyed black cards, someone capable of pulling the blanket and making “Troy burn”. He was the perfect person to present the Worten Black Cards. "

The campaign began by generating excitement through a video teaser that Francisco Nicolás published on his social media profiles. Little Nicolás announced in this video that he was going to pull the blanket very soon.

A week later, several dozen media approached the Congress of Deputies, where the protagonist summoned them to reveal everything he knew about Black cards ... and he did. In a press conference, he explained that it was a Worten advertising campaign.After that, Little Nicolás offered to distribute Black cards with discounts for Black Friday to all those people who were in the vicinity of the Congress in order to achieve the main objective of the brand, democratize Black cards.

At Worten we work to bring technology closer to people and we want everyone this Black Friday to have access to the best and the latest. That is why we thought about democratizing an element that once benefited only a few: Black Cards. At Worten we decided that this Black Friday was going to be for everyone. Black Friday is the biggest sales campaign of the year for the company. This year we hope to continue with the positive trend of recent years. Gonçalo Carvalho, Head of eCommerce at Worten
It is a pleasure to continue working hand in hand with Worten and doing different things with them. Black Friday is increasingly important for the sector and it is key to do something different to mark the difference Beto Nahmad, Executive Creative Director of VCCP Spain