VCCP Spain creates its first international campaign for Everli


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VCCP Spain launches the new communication campaign of Everli, the leading online shopping marketplace in Europe. Based on the “Delivered with love” concept, the new campaign focuses on personal shoppers, who embody the love of the company and attention to detail to guarantee customers a quality purchase.

The “Delivered with love” concept contains the essence of the brand and the key message for both company employees and service users: Everli's love and attention to detail at each stage of the process to optimize the experience in each purchase. The added value and the differentiating element of the Everli service is the absolute attention to detail, the maximum attention in the choices of each product purchased, the attention paid to the experience in each interaction with the customer ... a winning combination to guarantee the best customer experience. Username.

This campaign, created by VCCP Spain, will be launched on TV and digital media in various European countries, such as Italy, France, the Czech Republic and Poland.

"Everli's goal has always been to offer customers maximum peace of mind, through a safe and quality shopping experience for their purchases in the supermarket: users can choose their favorite products in their trusted supermarkets, opting for the Same-day or one-hour delivery, "said Alex Sonnenberg, Everli's chief marketing officer."

"We have fueled our incredible growth and expansion by consistently and continuously delivering on this promise. But we think to further support our expansion and activities. it is only fair to go one step further, and for this we are pleased to have the international experience, knowledge and talent of VCCP for this ambitious project, which wants to promote our brand among an increasing number of people ".

It is an honor for us to be able to work internationally for a client like Everli in different markets, with a very solid strategy and differential creativity to adapt this new way of shopping throughout Europe. It is a service that comes to improve the lives of the people and to be able to enjoy more time with the family and with the things that do them good. We are in a very beautiful moment in the company and it is incredible to carry out projects of this type, helping people and consumers. Beto Nahmad, VCCP Spain's Executive Creative Director