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VCCP Spain launches its first work for Rock FM


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The campaign, carried out together with Alejo Stivel and Rock FM, encourages riders to use their portable speakers so that Rock & Roll can be heard again in all the streets

VCCP Spain has launched its first work for the Rock FM music radio station, produced before the pandemic. Specifically, it is a campaign to publicize the radio program 'Music for Animals' directed by Alejo Stivel, a prestigious singer, composer and music producer, recognized for being the vocalist of Tequila.

The rise of new media, coupled with the emergence of emerging genres, has caused current generations to pay less and less attention to Rock & Roll. For this reason, the Rock FM chain has launched this campaign through which it tries to make Rock & Roll sound again in all the streets…. And who better than delivery men to achieve this goal?

Through this campaign, called “Delivery Radio”, a double objective is covered: on the one hand, the riders of different delivery companies are used as a means of mass communication, convincing them to use portable speakers to bring Rock & Roll to the streets; and in return, the loudspeaker of the 'Music for Animals' program on Rock FM is made available to the riders so that they can claim their rights, until recently impaired.

With the incorporation of Alejo Stivel to Rock FM, as well as with the launch of this campaign, Rock FM sought to continue adding listeners for its new season and surpass the records of the past courses.

They brought us what we needed the most in the most difficult moments, now it is our turn to give it back to them and serve as a loudspeaker Alejo Stivel, singer, composer and music producer
The challenge of having Rock & Roll heard again becomes a personal matter. It is an enormous satisfaction to put our ideas in favor of rock Juan Cenoz, Creative Director of VCCP Spain
It is an honor for us to put Rock on the street again by the hand of Alejo, from Rock FM Beto Nahmad, Executive Creative Director of VCCP Spain