Alvaro Ojeda Head Strategy

Álvaro Ojeda, new Head of Strategy at VCCP Spain


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Álvaro Ojeda, until today Director of Strategy and Head of CX, has been promoted to the position of Head of Strategy of the agency, becoming part of the management team of the agency together with Beto Nahmad and Javier Suso.

Ojeda developed his professional career in London working in agencies recognized for their digital and innovative character worldwide, such as Publicis Poke, Engine and The Mill, where he worked for leading international brands such as Samsung, EE (leading telecommunications operator in Great Britain ), Nestlé, Heineken, Santander and Sky.

This promotion is the result of the great work done by Álvaro since his arrival at the agency. Álvaro has been key to the successful launch of O2 in the Spanish market, as well as to the achievement of new clients for the agency such as Alsa, Larios, Interporc, Acnur or Omnidoctor, among others.

The effectiveness of his work has been recognized by the main festivals in the British market such as WARC or BIMA.

Álvaro's arrival was a great step forward for VCCP Spain and his promotion will allow us to consolidate the evolution of the agency to lead change in our industry. His vision of business transformation, his experience building brands in the international context and his extensive knowledge in data, innovation and customer experience are today more critical than ever for the success of any brand Javier Suso, CEO VCCP Spain
Strategic rigor is now more crucial than ever to continue adding value to our clients' businesses and help them face the new challenges they face. The creative talent that I have found in this agency, its vision and its culture make VCCP the perfect place to understand what an agency should be from now on Álvaro Ojeda, Head of Strategy VCCP Spain