Worten helps his fans remember Cyber Monday as it knows best: with technology


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After the vortex of Black Friday comes Cyber ​​Monday and to ensure that none of Worten's followers forget about it, the company, together with VCCP Spain, launches a campaign on its Instagram where the stories themselves speak with the smart speakers how fashionable are they today.

With three messages adapted to Alexa, Google and Siri and, simply, playing the video, users will activate their speakers and create an alert to remember Worten's Cyber ​​Monday and that they have nothing left in the cart.

An innovative action that perfectly represents the company, since there is no better way to sell technology than with the technology itself.

Being able to sell technology using technology itself continues to position us as a brand that understands and knows the current moment for consumers. Rosa María Méndez, Brand Manager at Worten
Working for Worten is a great pleasure and a great responsibility because it forces us as an agency to always seek new means to get our messages across. Juan Cenoz, Creative Director of VCCP Spain