Caples Awards 2020


Noticias de la Agencia



We are very proud of the awards obtained at the Caples Awards 2020 where we have been recognized with 5 Bronzes for the following campaigns:

Worten The Good Print Test

With the aim of raising awareness about bone marrow donation and supporting this type of donation from Worten, we innovated by giving new use to the first test pages of the new printers.

Pages that do not usually contain relevant information and that usually end up directly in the trash.

With this initiative and with the collaboration of the ONT, since June more than 6,000 printers in Worten stores include valuable and supportive information on their first test page; a page that can give "a lot of life".

By purchasing the products, the customer can access the website to install the software easily and simply and contribute directly to organ donation, especially with bone marrow campaigns.

Worldvision Unbox Child Labour

The Unboxing phenomenon produces more than 150 million searches in the world. Thousands of people search, watch and create their own "Unboxing" videos. It is a phenomenon in social networks, which does not stop growing and reaches all age segments.

We take advantage of this trend to make visible a reality that is too often hidden: more than 150 million children are exploited in the world.

Child labor prevents children from enjoying their childhood and receiving an education, affecting their physical and mental health. Currently, conflicts, wars and migration crises have led to an increase in child labor among refugee, internally displaced children and other vulnerable populations, especially in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

In order to impact the target at the most effective moment, we designed 3 unskipable prerolls (one for each theme: technology, fashion, toys) that appear directly and without the possibility of being canceled, their complete vision, thus ensuring that before each Unboxing our target has seen the reality of previous boxing, which on too many occasions is about child labor.