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Stay Awards is born, the first festival that puts creativity at the service of society, to fight against the consequences of the coronavirus.


Stay Awards is an initiative created from the commitment of a group of professionals, from the VCCP agency, and has the mission of putting the talent of people at the service of society to fight coronavirus and its effects on our lives.

Currently, many professionals from different sectors (psychologists, teachers, health personnel, lawyers ...) are offering their help in a disinterested way to overcome the challenge we face as a consequence of the coronavirus health crisis.

In this sense, Stay Awards tries to promote and articulate the selfless help of all professionals in the advertising sector to offer solutions to the same client: society. And it does so through their Instagram profiles (stayawards_es for Spanish-speaking countries and stayawards_International for English-speaking countries).

Specifically, it is a virtual advertising festival that offers prizes for the best ideas to face the main problems arising from the coronavirus and the state of confinement we are facing.

These problems, which define the categories of this festival, are the following:

- New means: the balconies.

- Outdoor: support for professionals who continue to work outside the home.

- Entertainment: in quarantine time.

- (De) activation of children during working hours.

- PR: Let's stop the hoaxes.

- Direct: how to accompany the hospitalized.

- Responsibility with vulnerable people.

- Storytelling for children: health education for children regarding COVID-19.

- And then? Return to real life: help those affected after returning to normal.


Each week a category will be selected, which will be made public through a story on the Instagram profile stayawards_es, and a period of 48 hours will open so that anyone can propose their ideas to respond to the proposed problem. Participation will be articulated through Instagram (DM to the Stay Awards profile) or by email (

The solutions, according to the examples proposed in the "Inspiration" section of the Instagram profile highlights, should be simple and easy to apply for anyone.

At the end of each week the best ideas will be shared, giving them the widest possible dissemination so that everyone can put them into practice.

Participation in this festival is open to anyone, be it a professional in the advertising sector or not, both in Spain from any country in the world, because although we must stay at home, our ideas do not have to be quarantined.

We know that a situation like the one we are living requires that we all do our bit to help, so we began to wonder what role the public sector could play in this crisis. We believe that creativity is a fundamental tool to solve some of the challenges that we are facing right now. For this reason, through Stay Awards, we want to invite the entire sector to put itself at the service of society to provide real solutions to the problems of what our new day is now. Perhaps with our work we do not help to save lives, but we are sure that we can, at least, improve them. Lia Garcia, VCCP copywriter