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O2 is a brand that dares to make consumers think. As a creative, it is always a challenge and a huge pleasure to work for these types of brands.

The telecommunications operator 02, owned by Telefónica, launched an innovative integrated campaign last weekend created by VCCP Spain , the agency responsible for managing the O2 brand in Spain since its launch in 2018.

With the aim of continuing to increase the notoriety and positioning of the brand, the campaign is aimed directly at dissatisfied customers in the sector with a close and friendly tone, inviting those who remain with other companies only out of inertia to think.

The campaign tries to appeal to the latent feeling of frustration in a large part of the telephony users, with the aim of awakening them to reflect on them and, with this, promote the process of change to O2.

To do this, the campaign shows a flying fish that, realizing that it has wings, leaves the school of fish, rises to the surface and, driven by its wings, flies. The main message of the campaign is: "You have wings, aren't you going to use them?"

As in the previous campaign, the one in charge of giving voice to all the pieces has been the actress and composer Leonor Watling . For the music there has been an original music from the Neuman group.

“Pez” is an integrated campaign with a significant presence on TV with 25 ”spots, as well as in the outdoor environment , underground, canopies and columns. It also has a wide digital and social media campaign.

After its launch in 2018, O2 revolutionized the Spanish market with a differentiated value proposition, based on an ethical and simple service, a clear offer and a fair price.

Working hand in hand with the VCCP Spain agency, O2 has established itself with remarkable success as a close operator that offers a new way of relating to the consumer that is much simpler, personal and non-intrusive, being the alternative for the high percentage of disappointed people with the telephony sector.

We are very happy with the new campaign, we remain faithful to our line of communication relying on our values ​​of proposing to the client that has shown us is the pillar of differentiation of O2 in the sector, and at the same time visually innovating with a beautiful high quality advertisement where the Flying Fish together with the unique elements of the brand, the gradient blue and bubble, form a great team Gema Perona, O2.
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