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O2 is a brand that dares to make consumers think. In a creative sense, its always a great challenge, and an enormous pleasure to work with these types of brands.

The telecoms operator O2, launched an innovative integrated campaign last week created by VCCP Spain. VCCP has been the agency responsible for representing the brand since its Spanish launch in 2018.

With the aim of continuing to increase the visibility of the brand, this campaign targets dissatisfied customers with its relatable and friendly tone, inviting those who continue with other companies solely out of habit, to consider their options.

The campaign tries to appeal to the dormant frustration that many telephone users have, provoking a moment of self reflection, and in turn inspiring the change to O2.

This campaign shows a flying fish, that upon realising that it has wings, abandons the other fish, swims towards the surface, and propels itself into the air. The main message of the campaign is: “You have wings, are you not going to use them?”.

As with the previous campaign, the person in charge of putting all the pieces together has been the actor and composer Leonor Watling. For the music, an original song by the group Neuman was chosen.

"Pez" is an integrated campaign with an important TV presence, as with other outdoor mediums such as on the metro, and on billboards. It also relies on a variety of digital and social media campaigns.

Since its launch in 2018, O2 revolutionised the Spanish market with a new offer, conveying an ethical, and simple message, prioritising clarity at a fair price.

Working side by side with VCCP Spain, O2 has successfully established itself as a relatable operator which offers a simpler, more personal and unobtrusive relationship with the customer, an alternative for the many people that feel disillusioned with the telephone industry. 

We are very happy with the new campaign, we stick to our value based proposal to the customer, which has demonstrated to us that this is the pillar of differentiation between O2 and other companies in the sector. At the same time as this, we have innovated visually with a high quality advert where the Flying Fish, together with unique elements of the brand, such as the light blue colour and the bubble, come together to represent the brand brilliantly Gema Perona, O2.
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