The Revenge of the Nerds



In VCCP’s latest report from their thought leadership program, The Collaborative, "The Revenge of the Nerds: Why Microsoft is on track to own the future of entertainment" Jonny Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer at VCCP New York discusses the software giant's new position within the gaming community, in light of their recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Although Microsoft had a rocky entrance in the early noughties with their Xbox One launch, it has been laser-focused on gaming ever since while other tech companies were battling each other to take hold of the worlds of music, movies and TV. 

The report reveals how Microsoft's investment in gaming, full-scale embracing of its ‘nerd’ DNA and ownership of the Azure-powered cloud (a hot ticket to gaming's future) give Microsoft a credible case to declare itself as the future of creativity and entertainment.

This article was first published in Adweek.

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