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When it comes to streaming music, Spotify is the market leader.

But in order to differentiate Spotify from the increasing competition and continue to lead the pack, they turned to VCCP Berlin

Together, the teams identified the playlist feature as Spotify's most appealing asset: not only does it allow users to curate music and discover new artists, but it's also a way to share your favourite songs and create a unique identity online. 

Playlists therefore became the stars of this campaign.

Focussing on the creative names that users come up with - such as "Flamingo Guitar", or "Early Bird" - the campaign centred around the tagline that "there's a playlist for every occasion".

The main thrust of the campaign was digital and outdoor, with over 90 different hyperlocal and programmatic ads that focussed on the eight largest German cities, and were all personalised to each one. 

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