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O2 is our founding client and we have been their partner for 20 years. 2020 saw us evolve the consumer brand, and then quickly focus on how to make O2 famous for business. Research showed us that 71% of business sales were driven by consumer comms, so planning the two areas conjointly and leveraging the benefits of consumer comms for a business audience more effectively, was key to unlocking further growth.

Surfacing O2's ethos as a company, where they champion their customers, was proving a successful strategy for Consumer, so leveraging this for business customers was also key. "Your business is our priority" strategy led us to focus on the functional benefits businesses want and need, such as the flexibility to change their relationship with O2 as and when their business required it. It's market-leading products and services such as this that we wanted to make O2 Business famous for.

However, our research showed us that a functional message didn't need to be communicated in a functional way. Businesses are people too (!) which is why SMBs showed equally high engagement with Bubl, our new brand character. This gave us the confidence to also have creative synergy between Consumer & Business, whilst ensuring we nuanced to a business audience.

Our flexibility message has driven a number of key brand levers that have led to the highest customer consideration O2 Business have ever seen.


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