Be their armour







We've launched O2's brand-new campaign with England Rugby, inviting fans to ‘Be their armour’.

The campaign is founded on the power of support, uniting fans and showing how their support can be England’s armour, helping to prepare the squad as they kick start their bid to conquer the world this weekend.

The 90 second brand film sees mysterious riders burst into a remote forest settlement to rouse its shadowy inhabitants into action, following them through the forging and fitting of the mighty, rose-bearing armour of the England team. Armed with the extraordinary and uniquely customised English Samurai armour that the fans have made, the players are then ready to face the world - standing side by side with their fans.

The ad is directed by the award-winning Sam Brown; responsible for some of the world’s most iconic advertising campaigns and music videos for global stars such as Jay Z and Adele.

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