Nationwide has launched the next phase of their Voices campaign with this TV spot, “The Birth of the Building Society”. Telling the true story of how building societies came to be, it’s a compelling account of the very beginnings of the social movement that started in 1775. The poem shows us what happens when every day people help everyday people and is a perfect encapsulation of the Nationwide ethos.

The new poem was written and performed by Stephen Morrison-Burke. Born and raised in Northfield, south Birmingham, Stephen’s talent for writing first came to public attention in 2012 when he was chosen as the city’s youngest poet laureate in its 20 year history. 

The film was shot on location in Birmingham and features key locations from Birmingham’s industrial history including the Black Country Living Museum and Gas Street Basin.
The new film launches on Monday 2nd July, and will run alongside an OOH campaign that goes into more detail on the foundations of Nationwide.

It is such a joy to work on a brand with such a rich and socially beneficial history that still informs everything they do today. It’s even more of a joy to work with an artist who so beautifully encapsulates that history in just 45 seconds each. Makes our job very easy. Jim Thornton, Deputy Executive Creative Director (VCCP)
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