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To re-engage the Nationwide Building Society workforce and drive efficiency and innovation from within, we helped create a dynamic and exciting employee engagement campaign, the ‘Arthur Webb Challenge Cup’, to generate rewards for customers and employees alike.

Employee insight told us that the campaign had to be both inspirational and relatable to Nationwide employees in order for it to encourage their commitment and action. Scouring Nationwide’s archives, we discovered Arthur Webb, a pioneering thinker who led the business during two World Wars and set the blueprint for the Society as it is today.

Arthur started a tradition of presenting the ‘Arthur Webb Shield’ to a Nationwide branch or office ‘that made the most outstanding contribution to the Society’s prestige and progress’.

The strategy was to build belief and commitment in the efficiency initiative with an engagement campaign that tapped into Nationwide’s proud values and embodied Arthur’s innovative, pioneering spirit. 

At the heart of the campaign is the ‘I Am Arthur’ film, narrated by Nationwide’s CEO, Joe Garner, featuring a combination of colleagues promoting their practical, innovative and outlandish efficiency ideas.

This was supported by a multi-channel campaign that employed: a creative ‘takeover’ of the employee intranet; news updates; leadership briefings; Nationwide’s employee social media channel; posters; infographics; creative props; briefing toolkits; induction packs; a ‘Dragon’s Den style’ judging process; and a robust measurement plan.

In six months, the creative campaign has inspired over £2m of savings and unprecedented levels of engagement from people and teams across the organisation, with many more millions expected over time. What’s more, it has inspired over 100 innovative efficiency projects and ideas that will benefit the Society for many years into the future.  

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