Be more than prepared.

We can all be a bit cavalier about home and contents insurance.  We take it out never thinking we’ll need it.  Whatever it is won’t happen to us.  Thing is, there’s a reasonable chance that it might.  An accident in the home, a DIY disaster or even a burglary can happen to anyone.  Unfortunately, the six million Britons currently undervaluing their home and contents insurance don’t seem to think it can.  Which is why VCCP Kin created the #ItHappens online campaign for More Th>n.  A new film will run on More Th>n’s website and their social media channels to encourage customers to prepare for the unexpected with the right home insurance.  They’ll also be able to share their own #ItHappens stories.

Because #ItHappens, this clever new campaign #IsHappening.

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