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Kwik Fit ‘Journeys’


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Kwik Fit, the company that aims to make the road a safer place for all, marks its return to the nation’s screens with a brand new campaign, championing the everyday drivers of Britain. 

Kwik Fit worked with creative agency of record, VCCP London, to launch ‘Journeys,’ an integrated campaign placing Britain’s everyday car owners at the heart of its business. The campaign marks the 50th anniversary since Kwik Fit was founded, and celebrates Kwik Fit as Britain's go-to garage for all automotive maintenance and repair problems. ‘Journeys’ is the first brand campaign VCCP London has executed for Kwik Fit since its appointment as creative agency in September 2020. 

The heartwarming new creative will run for two months from today and launches with two 40' brand ads which go live across Finecast TV nationwide, supported by brand led OOH and online media. The hero film marks a step change away from Kwik Fit’s historic approach, humanising the brand by showcasing Kwik Fit’s commitment to ensuring every customer drives away happy, every time. Not simply from their local Kwik Fit, and not just in times of crisis, but every time they get behind the wheel. For every journey. 


Kwik Fit goes beyond keeping us on the road. Kwik Fit is about all the journeys we take in life. Mark Orbine, Executive Creative Director at VCCP

The video campaign is simple and charming, and heroes real snippets of a ‘slice of life in everyday Britain’. It shows those small, insightful moments in our motoring lives that we can all relate to. For example, one spot shows a familiar scene of a dad picking up his daughter after a night out, playfully nodding to the often-accepted second role of ‘taxi driver’ parents tend to play for their children. 

After almost a decade hiatus, the campaign signals a shift for the business from sales promotions and offer-led comms to a brand approach, with the aim of restoring Kwik Fit’s ‘fabric of the nation’ status. ‘Journeys’ marks a true reconnection to Kwik Fit’s audience. 

Tom Gentle, Head of Retail Marketing at Kwik Fit commented: “At Kwik Fit our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Kwik Fit is for the everyday car owners of Britain who don’t want to have to think about their car, they just want it to work. It’s how they get the kids to school, get to work, do the food shop and how they see their loved ones. So, we wanted to show that we understand the importance of those journeys with these simple, human stories”

Mark Orbine, Executive Creative Director at VCCP added: Kwik Fit is one of the great heart of the nation brands, and it's been there for us and our cars for the past 50 years. This campaign is all about showing how dependable Kwik Fit is, whether that be getting the kids to karate class, ensuring we’re not late for a first date, or getting us safely to the beach for those much loved weekend trips with little ones. Kwik Fit goes beyond keeping us on the road. Kwik Fit is about all the journeys we take in life.” 

Matt Hayes, Planner at VCCP London added: "It has been great to bring a true fabric of the nation brand back to its rightful place. Our spots are all about showing empathy and bringing out the human side of the brand - aiming to put a smile on the face by showing real people, taking real life journeys. The ones we can all relate to and enjoy."

‘Journeys’ by Kwik Fit will run in the UK for two months from today across Finecast TV nationwide, and will be supported by OOH and online media. Media has been planned and executed by Mediacom. 

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