We conjured up a world of imagination in the clouds for easyJet's exciting new brand launch.
easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, have launched a compelling pan-European, multi-media advertising campaign that brings to life the wonder of air travel and seeks to inspire viewers’ imaginations when dreaming about their next getaway.
The engaging and uplifting film follows a plane in flight above the clouds, transporting viewers on a journey through the imagination of a passenger on board. The film ends as Senior First Officer Diana Gomes da Silva flies off into the sun setting over a patchwork of European destinations, asking viewers to ‘Imagine where we can take you’.

The work is fittingly set against the sounds of Cat Power’s ‘Dreams’.

This new brand campaign moves easyJet to a more emotional positioning as we continue our growth across Europe, using beautiful and imaginative travel imagery to inspire our customers. Lis Blair, Chief Marketing Officer (easyJet)
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