Our newest work for Domino’s welcomes the nation back to enjoy group get-togethers. Introducing the new Group Ordering app feature, the integrated campaign aims to re-engage customers and encourage them to connect with their friends, family and colleagues through their shared love of a Domino's. 

DOMIN-OH-HOO-HOO is the third chapter in the new brand platform ‘We Got This’ positioning Domino's as the go-to delivery service for get-togethers. Sharing a Domino's feast with your mates or loved ones has never been easier, with the new group order app function. Building upon their reputation as the ultimate reliable, crowd pleasing and easy to order pizza brand.

The hero film depicts a hilarious portrayal of a young man rallying up his friends to order a Domino’s. The film begins with him on his balcony unexpectedly yodeling “DOMIN-OH-HOO-HOO”. A subtitle helpfully translates this to “Domino’s round mine?”. His two friends, mid video game, hear the rallying call, and respond that they would both love a pizza. A Pepperoni Passion in fact. The final mate, a mechanic in his garage, yodels an extensive list of demands, from the specific size, base type, to choice of toppings and sides. The host’s face suggests that this isn’t his first rodeo, and he reminds the mechanic to say “please”. The final scene shows all four friends happily tucking into their Dominos feast. 

The lead creatives on the campaign were Daniel Glover-James, Elias Torres and David Masterman, and the film was directed by director, Sam Hibbard. A Yodelling teacher from Germany coached the actors on their performances, ensuring that all of them projected an authentic yodel. 

The campaign features an array of out of home, special builds, murals, social films and a Snap lens which allows consumers to yodel to win pizza.

Sarah Barron, Chief Marketing Officer at Domino’s said: “As the nation recovers from the pandemic, we wanted to encourage families and friends to reconnect and enjoy a Domino’s together! What better way to get people's attention than to yodel it from the rooftops (or your flat window).”

How to cut through in a world where everyone is talking about reunions? We yodel. Domino’s has always brought people together, but after the year we've all been through, it means so much more. At long last, it's time to put out the call. David Masterman, Creative Director, VCCP
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