AutoSergei: An Integrated Story



Compare the Market wanted to launch a new service called EnergyCheck, a tool that ensures customers never overpaid for energy again.
EnergyCheck works by using your preferences to find similar energy deals for less; and it does this in the background, constantly. The representative of this tool is AutoSergei, a friendly meerkat-bot. 
Introducing EnergyCheck was the first step of a wider strategy for Compare the Market to make life simpler for their customers.
We worked as part of an integrated campaign launch to make sure customers understood exactly what the new service would offer them, and encourage them to start using it.

We knew that years of governmental, sector and provider advertising struggled to shift the country’s ambivalence to energy. Most thought it was either boring, too long, or difficult to switch energy.


We needed to understand the drivers (and barriers) that would cause different groups to engage. Through a combination of research sources, we identified different energy segments - and messaging specific to each group that would motivate them to switch.

First, we developed a methodology to map these new groups across the customer database. Then we ran pre-launch display messages and emails to test the segmentation (and specialised messaging used for each). After analysing results it became clear that our messaging hypotheses were correct.

With the messaging validated, we created a multichannel campaign that was timed to capitalise on the January admin spring-clean (as we knew customer mind-set wanted to get on top of finances for the year).

Using analysis of the existing pages on the website, we created optimum journey recommendations and landing pages for communications.

The service not only existed online but on the Meerkat app too. That meant we didn’t just have to get non-app customers downloading, but existing app users to engage with the service as well.
So, we created new welcome screens to encourage users to update their apps, followed by welcome screens on the updated version to introduce the full breadth of features.

In our direct channels, we developed messaging that was optimised based on our pre-launch tests.

These were deployed once the above the line work had picked up traction.

We demonstrated our technology capabilities by geo-targeting push notifications to appear when users were near the high engagement station takeover, and drove maximum engagement on days we knew people were most likely to take care of their admin.

This was all supported by ongoing streams of digital and social to maintain responses.

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