A Year of Meerkat Movies





comparethemarket.com has unveiled its latest advertisement for Meerkat Movies, which captures the magic and surprise of the silver screen. 

Packed with over a dozen iconic film references, the ad reimagines Barbara Streisand’s ‘Rain On My Parade,’ sung by Aleksandr, to bring to life the variety of films that can be seen with a year’s membership of Meerkat Movies.

It was shot in Cape Town with Parisian choreographer Oliver Casamayou, who has worked with Kylie Minogue, Will Young and Cirque Du Soleil. The wardrobe was curated by Moira Meyer, who has worked on films such as Blood Diamond and The Hurt Locker, and includes Brad Pitt’s uniform from Fury and Cate Blanchett’s dress from Elizabeth. For the first time comparethemarket.com used a 60-second radio ad to launch the campaign, which was played out on the Global Radio Network.

Now in its third year, Meerkat Movies has surpassed three million app downloads, helping twenty million people go to the cinema, and saving the UK £74,200,000 in cinema tickets. This milestone was reached eight months earlier than Orange Wednesdays, proving the popularity of Meerkat Movies.

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