Cobra Embarks on Worldwide Foodie Road Trip




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 As part of their ‘Brewed Smooth for All Food’ campaign, Cobra has decided to set off on a worldwide road trip to demonstrate that their beer is the perfect partner for all food. 

Celebrated in a new advertising campaign launching on 10th November in Cinema & online, the Cobra Food Truck will travel the world to visit a diverse range of restaurants and meet world-renowned chefs who will feature in the new ads.

During the first leg, which has just taken place in New York, the adverts show Cobra teaming up with British model Jack Guinness and native New York chef Camille Becerra. The duo travel the city, famed for its diverse street food and restaurant scene and try out first-hand how well Cobra’s smooth & complex recipe goes with a wide array of food.

Camille, Head Chef of the famous De Maria, takes Jack on a tour of some of her favourite eating spots in the city, including fish tacos at La Esquina, loaded burritos overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, chicken wings with a Cobra marinade on a rooftop overlooking the New York skyline, and a fresh vegetable feast at Brooklyn Farms.

The advertising campaign will run in cinemas nationwide, as well as digital and social platforms this year. Then extend on to Video on Demand and Outdoor Advertising Billboards as well through 2018, as the gastronomic journey around the city continues.

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