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Cadbury encourages the nation to become a 'secret santa' this Christmas.

VCCP have unveiled a magical new Christmas campaign for Cadbury to celebrate the thoughtful and generous ritual of Secret Santa gifting.  

The new festive TV advert urges families across the UK to follow their generous instinct and become a Secret Santa this Christmas, to show their appreciation to friends and loved ones during the festive season.

The enchanting new advert cuts between people of all walks of life up and down the country doing their best to deliver Cadbury chocolate, all the while hiding under a Secret Santa disguise in an attempt to a remain a secret. We see a husband sneaking out late at night to surprise his wife who works a night shift, as well as a boy nearly get caught by his father as he sneaks the Cadbury Retro selection box in his Dad’s garage...all in the name of Secret Santa gift giving and giving ‘just because’.

Giving a small gift anonymously ‘just because’ this festive season.

Everyone has done a secret Santa with their mates or at work. You pick something you think they’ll really like. It’s a truly generous act. We want to do a Secret Santa on a massive scale across the country. We want everyone to give something to someone they love, secretly. Lots of smiles on lots of faces. Darren Bailes, Executive Creative Director (VCCP)
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