VCCP Singapore launches first Deliveroo campaign


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Deliveroo has launched a new campaign to tap into Singaporean’s obsession with food, highlighting
the nation’s unique philosophy that “any occasion is a food occasion”. This first campaign by VCCP
Singapore, since winning the account in June, celebrates some of these moments, demonstrating that
no matter the time, place, or situation, Deliveroo can make any occasion better with the best food on
the island.

On top of being an entertaining celebration of different cuisines and cultures, the campaign will feature
a promotion for Deliveroo Plus membership, encouraging those hungry for a deal, to sign up and try
free unlimited food and grocery deliveries on all orders for thirty days.

“Singapore is a multicultural place with people from all kinds of backgrounds, and so are Deliveroo’s customers. And on this island, food plays a crucial role in people’s happiness in daily life - whether it is to satisfy your cravings on an ordinary day or for a great time with friends. We take pride in our role of delivering amazing food and joy for all occasions and for anyone in Singapore, and we’re excited to build emotional connections with more consumers in Singapore around their passion for food and groceries of all types, on any occasion through this campaign that we created with VCCP.” Minjoo Lee, Head of Marketing Singapore, at Deliveroo. 

“The campaign was born from a simple but indisputable local truth: that on this island, food is life, and life is full of unique occasions that call for food. Working with the Deliveroo team has been amazing. We laughed, we ate, we  collaborated, we ate some more, and we created a multicultural, multi-cuisine campaign that has something for everyone.” Guy Futcher, Regional Creative Director at VCCP Singapore