“XXL” new campaign from VCCP Spain to Worten.







VCCP Spain is creating the new Worten campaign for the most important promotional period of the year, Black Friday. The company is aiming to have a Black friday of “XXL” proportions.

After the success of the "Estate al Lory" campaign last year, the brand is continuing to opt for different and disruptive initiatives, with the intention of positively differentiating themselves from other brands in the digital market. 

This year, they have picked up the Glitch Gyals, a musical group formed by Alejandro and Pilar (better known as Jirafa Rey and LaPili), who have become a phenomenon since their performance of the song "Cómeme el donut" (amongst other hits) on the X Factor, and they have amassed more than 35 million views on Youtube.

For the retail sector in general, and especially in the case of eletronic and home appliance brands, Black Friday represents an incredibly important commercial opportunity, that also marks the beginnning of the Christmas sales period.

The campaign is solely online, and will be launched on digital mediums and social media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook).

Once again, Worten continues to strengthen its position as a pioneering and innovative company, that aims to stand out creatively and as well as in terms of communication.
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