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Cervezas San Miguel trusts VCCP for the launch of its summer campaign in Italy


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Cervezas San Miguel launches the campaign “Make your Summer Richer” (Vivi un'estate più rica) in Italy, which will also have a decline for Finland, Sweden and Ireland.

VCCP Spain has developed the creativity of the “Make your Summer Richer” campaign of Cervezas San Miguel, in which consumers are invited to enjoy the summer season, living experiences, disconnecting or enjoying their own, thus discovering a richer way of living. The campaign presents a way of living in the style of Cerveza San Miguel, with the freshness and spontaneity that characterize the brand.

The campaign, developed for Italy, but which will also have declines for Finland, Sweden and Ireland, will have a strong presence in digital media, will have visibility on the main video platforms of the local market, will be complemented by banners in Italian digital media more representative, actions in social networks and an action with more than 75 local influencers, who will tell, from a real perspective, their interpretation of how they live a richer summer together with Cervezas San Miguel.

It was launched on June 1 coinciding with the summer season and will be active during June, July and August, it aims to boost the visibility of the brand during these months and to generate relevance and notoriety in the mind of the Italian consumer.

VCCP is proud to have the trust of a client like Cervezas San Miguel since 2016, accompanying them not only in the on-going strategy but also in international launches as important as this one. When the synergies between clients and agencies work, they are palpable in the excellence of the work achieved Eliana Cantonati, Director of Customer Service at VCCP Spain
Our objective was to transmit to the international public everything related to our way of being, enjoying, socializing ... In short, reflecting our way of enriching our lives on a daily basis. Something that goes hand in hand with a brand like San Miguel and its need to export its spirit to all those countries where it is present Jesús Mellado, Creative Director of VCCP Spain