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VCCP Spain says goodbye to January by launching a new campaign for O2


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VCCP Spain has developed the new campaign for the telecommunications operator O2, belonging to Telefónica. It is an integrated campaign which, in addition to TV, includes radio, sponsorships, digital and social media, large format exterior, shopping centers and digital exterior.

The campaign reinforces the brand's differential value proposition, this time focusing on customer service, with the aim of consolidating itself as the number 1 operator in the sector in this area. In this way, the company continues to increase its notoriety and grow in both brand recognition and customer base in the Spanish market, in which it has only been in business for more than 2 years.

This new campaign focuses on communicating that at O2, contrary to what happens in other companies, when a client needs us we will always be there to help them. And it does so in a simple and transparent way, with a service center made up of a team of people who respond "from the first tone" to their customers, without using traffic routing machines and with agents whose objective is to resolve the doubt, management or customer problem in a single call.

We are very happy with the creative evolution of the campaign. VCCP managed to create through fish a very notorious world, with many resources, to communicate a differential proposal focused on the client. Our campaigns totally collide with the communication of the competition, which tries to reduce the service to a price decision. So fish in this sense also goes against the current, and flies, like many people who want a communication service in a fair balance quality of service, attention and price. And that is O2 Gema Perona, Head of Marketing and Communication at O2
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It is a pleasure to be able to work with a brand with very clear values, and that is what makes us different. There is a great team together with the client that is consolidating every day to fly higher Beto Nahmad, Executive Creative Director of VCCP Spain
In this new O2 campaign we continue to build the brand towards a side that we like but what is more important, people like it. Our “fish” continues to fly, showing that you can go further Juan Cenoz, Creative Director of VCCP Spain