VCCP gana segunda posición en el concurso #PoweredByTweets


Noticias de la Agencia



VCCP came second, with their campaign #TweetsFromTheFuture. They decided to reflect on the future by raising awareness for loneliness in old age, as well as climate change. #TweetsFromTheFuture aims to link environmental agents with the fields of information, training, investigation and education.

Starting Point

Climate change is real, and if we don't start trying to prevent it , it will affect our planet and our lives irreversibly. We're all aware of its consequences, such as global warming, and rise in sea level, but do we really know how such impacts will directly impact our day-to-day lives?

The idea

Through #TweetsFromTheFuture we will raise awareness, involving the Twitter community, showing them what they may be tweeting in the future. A future in which the consquences of climate change will be a significant part of our lives.


The #PoweredByTweets competition gives awards to original, potentially world changing ideas, that provoke movements on Twitter. This year's winners aimed to help fight against child poverty, old age loneliness, and the issue of global warming.

Twitter has been the central topic of this fourth edition of #PoweredByTweets, which is promoted by Caixa and Twitter Spain, collaborating also with ESIC.

#TweetsFromTheFuture aims to link environmental agents with various fields, and our #PoweredByTweets idea fits into this perfectly. 

Our platform will analyze users’ tweet history, as well as their location. Their tweets will provide personal information such as their interests, hobbies and writing style. Thanks to their location, we will be able to establish the common issues that they will face in 50 years time if climate change continues to grow at this rate. The result will be a tweet that looks like something that the users would have written themselves, in turn making them aware of how their lives may be affected by climate change in the future if we do not change our ways imminently.