Despite the difficulties, make ’em laugh


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The secret to great comedy, they say, is 10 rounds of internal feedback and two rounds of amends from Clearcast.

No, as you all know very well, itu2019s timing. And thereu2019s never been a better time to be funny in ads than right now. In fact, you could say it has never been more necessary. Creative responses to shared tragedy have long been shared laughter. You only have to look at Hollywoodu2019s output following the Great Depression and World War II to see that audiences are hungry for a good belly laugh and the cathartic escapism that it brings. And by heck, do we need it.

Creating commercial comedy gold can be hard, says Laura Muse, Creative Director at VCCP London but ignore the Twitterati and let your funny bone lead the way. Read her feature on Shots Magazine here.