VCCP Spain starts working for Leo Vegas


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LeoVegas was born in Sweden in 2012, and since then it has been characterized for its constant expansion, especially in Scandinavian countries as with others such as the UK, Germany and Italy.


The first advertising campaign is titled "Highway", and it has been produced by the animation company 'The Franck Barton Company'. For this first execution, the production production of which took more than 16 weeks to complete, a typical American highway has been created in the desert landscape of Las Vegas.

Upon stopping at a gas station, the lion escapes from his cage and escapes his routine to enjoy the experience of driving the car of his dreams.

In the words of Jesús Mellado, Creative Director of VCCP Spain, “Our aim with this campaign is to generate disruption in the industry through this new character that has recently entered the game.”

It is an enormous pleasure for us to have been able to create and give life to such a significant icon of the brand, especially when dealing with a character as significant as the LeoVegas’s lion.

LeoVegas is the King of mobile casino. It is a world leading brand which started operating in Spain last July, and now has launched its first Spanish TV campaign, as well as advertisement on digital mediums.

This campaign has been created by VCCP Spain, the agency which, after a process of selection, was chosen to develop strategic, creative, and productive development of the brand.

The central figure of the campaign is the lion, LeoVegas' icon, In the launching advertisement, the lion escapes from its cage, tired of its repetitive life, escaping its daily routine to try new things and gain new experiences. Through the different stories that the brand will tell during this campaign, through the personality of the lion in particular, LeoVegas positions itself as a new offer within the Spanish online, mobile casino market.

We are very happy with the result of the campaign. VCCP has reflected the essence of our brand really well through the way that they were able to represent the personality of the lion. We really hope that it is a success. Sandra Salgado, Director of Marketing, LeoVegas Spain.