VCCP gives Cadbury its soul back


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Charitable tie-ups are ten a penny, but this one shows real commitment beyond bunging a logo at the end of the ad. It has also helped Cadbury restart its heart.

Following on from all the brilliant work that the tireless Cadbury team have been doing over the last two years, Campaign have written a lovely article about how VCCP has managed to give the brand its soul back. 

If you haven't already, make sure you give the article a read here. And don't forget to say a huge congratulations to the Cadbury team for some much-deserved recognition... Maybe there really is a glass and a half in everyone.

VCCP has helped turn what could have been thought of as just another offshoot from an archetypal huge US conglomerate into something that it's possible to once again feel warm about. The agency has given Cadbury its humanity back. Jeremy Lee, Consulting Editor, Campaign