Content & Social

El pensamiento social está en el corazón de todo lo que hacemos.

En VCCP creemos en el potencial de la creación de contenidos y del buen uso de cada plataforma social. Definimos la estrategia social de la marca acotando el rol de cada plataforma, definimos pilares de contenidos acordes al territorio de marca, los criterios de aplicación del mundo de marca en social y calendarios de publicación. Por último creamos contenidos relevantes, gestionamos su publicación en cada plataforma, gestionamos comunidades y definimos protocolos de crisis.

Que hacemos


Our strategists use human, brand, market and data insights to inform original and relevant challenger brand and channel thinking. From core propositions that can inform campaigns and organisational behaviour through to bespoke paid, owned, and earned content distribution plans that will build visibility and develop an audience.


The editorial team are content, social and platform specialists. Their scope ranges from content ideation to influencer marketing, brand channel management, live event streaming and the amplification of ATL campaigns across social and digital, ensuring the longevity of campaigns through innovative, format first techniques that deliver on KPIs.

Immersive Events & PR

Story doing rather than storytelling is central to what we believe. Getting people to engage and participate in an event offers a much richer and authentic experience. We call this social-led experiential; and it enables people to immerse and share their experiences from live events in their own way, on their social channels.


Catapult is VCCP Media’s in-house production department headed up by Greg Wocial who has more than 15 years’ experience in the industry. Integrating production in-house ensures we can provide a rapid response to take advantage of short-term media opportunities. We have specialist knowledge in all online and offline areas and, as required, work with trusted partners with whom we have long-standing relationships. Catapult can offer clients everything from resizing press ads, video editing and direct mail, to TV scripts, digital banner production and new creative campaigns.

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