There’s no metaverse, but it’s fun to imagine there is



In VCCP’s latest report from their thought leadership program, The Collaborative 'There's no metaverse... but it's fun to imagine there is' has been written by Peter Gasston, Creative Innovation Lead at VCCP London who explores the so-called metaverse, whether it actually exists, and if not then what on Earth is everyone banging on about? 

The report discusses this always-on, fully immersive virtual space which plenty of brands from Balenciaga to Walmart have tapped into, and how it doesn't exist ... at least, not yet. Gasston calls for brands to continue to experiment in this space, much like VCCP in Roblox, and The O2 in Fortnite Creative, whilst they explore how they can engage with communities in the spaces of the immersive internet of the future. 

Just don't call it the metaverse. Yet. 

This report was first published in Campaign. 

Click here to download your copy.

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